Group Medical

Lambert Brothers Insurance Brokers (Employee Benefits) Ltd. provides specialist assistance in all areas of employee benefits including Group Medical, Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Total Permanent Disability and Retirement Schemes for local staff or staff members employed on expatriate terms. For medical and dental covers we are able to devise insurance programmes, self financed programmes or a combination of the two so that the client's financial needs are met and its staff members are provided with a comprehensive benefit programme.

The current insurance market is very competitive and this means that premium costs are at a very low level. However, some clients still opt for self funding for a variety of reasons, both financial and philosophical. Where this is the case we are able to administer the programme for the client relieving them of clerical tasks and thus reducing overheads. We currently administer self insured schemes for a large hotel chain in Asia as well as a number of other companies.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service and a good example of this is the programme that we have designed for one of the large public utilities here in Hong Kong. Apart from designing and placing the programme itself, we have written the employee handbook and continually provide a series of "orientation seminars" to different sections of staff so that they are familiar with the benefits available to them. Claims and administration are also handled by us.


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Simon Chan - Director
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