It is essential that care is taken when considering your liability programme to ensure that your protection is seamless. All too often a company can find itself exposed because gaps in cover have been left between their various liability policies.

Companies now trade in a world where litigation is commonplace. In Hong Kong the number of court cases and consequent damage awards steadily rises. In addition government regulation continues to increase a company's responsibilities to its staff and the general public.

As a company's responsibilities increase so to do those of individual Directors. It is therefore important that your approach to the Management of Risk is regularly reviewed to ensure that it adequately covers the exposures faced in the modern business world.

Liability exposures are continually evolving and we at Lambert Brothers have considerable experience on developing programmes to fit our clients' needs including Employee's Compensation cover, Public and Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers and Trustees Liability

Our Placing and Claims staff have developed enormous expertise not only in the traditional policies but also in the intricacies of cover of the more specialized liability policies.




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