Professional Risks / Specialist Coverages

At Lambert Brothers we recognise the changes that occur within the world of commerce and how life becomes entangled with expectations of high performance. Standards and controls introduced by regulators and professional bodies coupled with ever increasing client expectations pile additional pressures and responsibilities upon us all.

Our Professional Risks Division specifically focuses upon the performance aspects of business.

  • Director & Officers Liability
  • Professional Negligence exposure
  • Contractual obligation and frustration
  • Trustees' responsibilities
  • Fidelity bonds and guarantees
We also continually update ourselves with the more specialist types of insurance coverage such as :-
  • Bankers' Blanket Bonds
  • Kidnap and Ransom insurance
  • Political Risks
  • Credit/Account Receivable insurance
  • Event cancellation
  • Bloodstock (equestrian insurance)


Contact Persons
Specialist Classes
Cliff Webb - Director
Tel: (852) 2864 8930 Email:
Mobile: (852) 98 807 113  
Mike Haynes - Deputy Chairman
Tel: (852) 2864 8922 Email:
Mobile: (852) 91 972 536
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